Our core mission is to advance awareness of local artists and promote their music to the Namibian youth – and the young at heart…

This will be best achieved by working in partnership with the entertainment community and big business to maximize the value of exposure for the musicians' work.

As a central entertainment label and production company in Namibia, Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment has a wide range of responsibilities from ensuring high quality material for distribution to promotion and public relations for local artists.

Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment has 6 functional areas: Music recording and mastering, music video recording, pre-production, post-production and distribution.

Each area has identifiable critical activities. In addition, there are overarching departmental priorities which are:

Improving the client experience through the rollout of a relationship management program
Improving communications and marketing of Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment services.
Negotiating nation wide agreements regarding venues, promotion, distribution etc..


Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment is guided by a wider longer term vision of entertainment services in Namibia. That vision encompasses:

Productions that meet local and international standards
Technology infrastructure supporting the most advanced equipment in the relevant fields
Administrative systems on par with the best competing organizations
Client services supplied when and where needed by many organizations working together as one
Market leadership in quality of service and products
An environment where experiments in the use of new techniques and innovations flourish, and where we are able to develop the resources needed to bring the best to the entertainment community.


The vision for Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment is to be a trusted partner with the entertainment community, ensuring not only that musicians as well as advertisers can easily obtain the services that they need, when they need it, and how they need it, but also establishing a reputation for anticipating, discovering, recognizing and responding to related needs and opportunities.