By: Kleptomaniax
The album M4E (Maniacs for Ever) by the trio Collo, Nyashinski and Roba aka Kleptomaniax was released in April 2005. This album includes the hits singles "Tuendele", the club anthem "Swing" and the high school favourite "Hare". Lyrical persuasive, straight to the point and very urban, this album breaks the boundaries of urban contemporary and comes across as very versatile in in its approach to rap music.
Kshs. 500

  1. HaielewekiKsh.80
  2. Freak it (Dj Luke remix) Ksh.80
  3. KabeibeKsh.80
  4. FurahiaKsh.80
  5. Lets partyKsh.80
  6. HareeKsh.80
  7. Belly naach diKsh.80
  8. SwingKsh.80
  9. What is Kapuka?Ksh.80
  10. Mi bado nikoKsh.80
  11. Au sioKsh.80
  12. MarealityKsh.80
  13. SichimbikiKsh.80
  14. OutroKsh.80
  15. TuendeleKsh.80