STORE: Act Like You Know

Act Like You Know

By: Gal Level
Gal Level is an R&B girl group from Namibia made up of Daphne Willibard and Frieda Haindaka. The group exploded onto the Namibian music scene in October 2005 with their debut album titled “Shake it”. This project is their sophomore album and has already dropped massive singles including "Swing" featuring Kenzo (Kenya), "ukorokotjo" and "superman".
Kshs. 500

  1. swingKsh.50
  2. lalaKsh.50
  3. kom speelKsh.50
  4. falling in loveKsh.50
  5. story of my lifeKsh.50
  6. yoli ft scarKsh.80
  7. act like u knowKsh.50
  8. how low can you goKsh.50
  9. ukorokotjoKsh.50
  10. touch meKsh.50
  11. superman (club version)Ksh.50
  12. tekaKsh.50
  13. supermanKsh.50