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Ogopa 2

By: various artistes

Released in December 2002 a s a sequel to one of the most successful compilations in East Africa, Ogopa 2 (Strictly for the Hanye in you) became an instant radio hit. Blazing hits from the album include "Big Pin" by Bigpin, "Liar" by Wahu and "Baby don go" by Kunguru and Mr Lenny - A KORA 2002 nomination song for best video.

Kshs. 800

  1. Ogopa speaksKsh.50
  2. Big PinKsh.80
  3. HareeKsh.80
  4. Baby don GoKsh.80
  5. LiarKsh.80
  6. PapiKsh.80
  7. Hutia muduKsh.80
  8. TukawakeKsh.80
  9. KatikaKsh.80
  10. OgapafunkijazznizationKsh.80