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The Return

By: Kalaharians

“Kalaharians” is a group of Three. Two guys and one gal. The group was founded in the late 90s. The name kalaharians is original and it means(Namibians) . The Three members that make up the group are Tc, ,Cj and Quelly being the only female. Kalaharians are a fusion between different tribes, characters, and style all in one bringing to the Namibian music industry a unique style of rhythm and dance hall which is African based and very danceable. After their surprise nomination to the Channel O Africa Music Video awards in 2007, Kalaharians eventuallly dropped the album "The Return" on the 25th of April 2008 under Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment. Some of the most memorable songs include "Work the middle" and "Give it up"

Kshs. 500

  1. Intro
  2. Been GoneKsh.50
  3. Work tha MiddleKsh.50
  4. Murder demKsh.50
  5. Let tha rhythm hit youKsh.50
  6. Break it downKsh.50
  7. Get it onKsh.50
  8. Give it upKsh.50
  9. Wind beneath ma wingsKsh.50
  10. Free your mindKsh.50
  11. Sommige cherriesKsh.50