STORE: Tamani


By: Amani

Tamani (loosely translated as desire) is Amani 1st and only album to date was released in 2008. Featuring the all time favourite "Ninanoki" featuring Nameless, and Missing my baby, the album is the first real effort of Afro Pop and became the it album to have two singles "Missing ma Baby" and "Tonight" top the African charts in the same year.The album was closely followed by release of the visual album in the same year featuring 5 videos. Both are available locally.

Kshs. 500

  1. Amenitendea Part 1Ksh.80
  2. UnahisiKsh.80
  3. Bad BoyKsh.80
  4. ToniteKsh.80
  5. Hold MeKsh.80
  6. TamaniKsh.80
  7. Usiwe mbaliKsh.80
  8. Missing ma babyKsh.80
  9. FireKsh.80
  10. PapiKsh.80
  11. Feel so goodKsh.80